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If you like you can apply for membership and send any accompanying documents via mail to the following address:
PO Box 5, Katoomba NSW 2780.
Simply download the PDF form below.

Multiple Streams

The IAAN offers multiple streams for various professionals. Email us for more information.

Base Training

Learn foundational principles of neuroscience.

Stream Specific

Neuroscience content specific to  psychotherapy, education, organization, and other growing interest streams.



Understand the certification process and complete certification requirements.


Understand certification maintenance requirements and connect to supervision and training ressources.

Helping You Become More Effective

Understand your clients and yourself like never before

In taking into account the dynamic interplay between the mind, body, society, and environment upon well-being, by understanding the mechanisms of our biology/neurology, the processes of our psychology, and the influences of social interaction, it is believed a holistic approach to all oneself and all other individuals can be formulated.

Being a Certified member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience means:

You will be recognized by International Association of Applied Neuroscience and will be promoted as a member to referring professional organizations while highlighting your capacity to apply the principles of a neuroscience principles to your field.

You can access specialist neuroscience focused supervision specific to your stream.

You can access online training via a number of training programs specific to your stream and receive preference for workshops at discounted rates.

You will be linked to a network of clinicians in your area, via the Association website and through voluntary exchanges, operating from the same modality to facilitate skill enhancement through peer supervision.


“Professionally, by receiving training in Interpersonal Neurobiology and Neuropsychotherapy, I am sure to only employ techniques and approaches that work with my clients’ brains, not against them. I can also help my client’s learn skills to establish and maintain brain-based relationships. Personally, I learned to establish and maintain relationships with the brain in mind.”

Mary Bowles

LMFT, RRT, MIACN, Mindwise Institute

Share your applied neuroscience feedback to info@iaan.com.au

Share your applied neuroscience feedback to info@iaan.com.au