2024 International Conference of Applied Neuroscience

12 – 14 September 2024

Chateau on the Park – Christchurch,
New Zealand

The 2024 International Association of Applied Neuroscience Conference will be an In-person and Virtual event covering a variety of applied neuroscience topics. Topics will run in streams and there will be ample opportunity to choose which presentations to attend in person or via live stream. All workshops will be recorded and made available to registrants following the event.

The conference will be preceded by a one-day workshop on 12 September (0830-1630) by

Dr Olivia Lesslar (Aus) –

Keynote Speakers

Dr Olivia Lesslar (Aus) –
Psychoneuroimmunology: How the Body and Mind work together to protect you

Dr John Arden –
Mind Brain Gene: Toward Psychotherapy Integration

Dr Gregory Gerdeman –
Neuroscience of Endocannabinoid Systems: Finding Molecular and Evolutionary Logic to Human Relationships with Cannabis

90-minute Workshops

Joseph Riordan
Toddler Trauma – Rescue-Roleplay to Restore Neurosynchronicity in Traumatised Attachment Dyads

Jean Annan
Application of Neuroscience in professional practice to enhance children’s emotional wellbeing.

Louise Mackenzie
Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Treatment of Complex Trauma – from a Neuroscience Lens

Gregory Riddett
Using Applied Neuroscience to Change Violent Behaviour

Jenny Venter
An Applied Neuroscience Framework for Supporting Depressed Employees in the Workplace

Daryl Gove
Hypnosis and Applied Neuroscience: Unveiling Transformative Approached in Sport, Pain Anxiety and Weight Loss

Sally Jean
From soil to the Stars – healing trauma from bottom up

International Association of Applied Neuroscience

Workshop & Webinar Recordings

The International Association of Applied Neuroscience Conference workshop & webinar recordings covering a variety of applied neuroscience topics.


Dr John Arden (USA)
Mary Bowles (USA)
Gabriella Garnett (SA)
Prof Dirk Geldenhuys & Jenny Venter (SA)
Tess Graham (Aus)
Dr Susan Greenfield (UK)
Dr Jared Cooney Horvath (USA)
Louise MacKenzie (NZ)
Dr Roger Mysliwiec (NZ)
Joseph Riordan (Aus)
Jan Sky (Aus)
Fiona Stevens (Aus)
Prof Nicholas Talley (Aus)
Daren Wilson (Aus)