IAAN Conference of Applied Neuroscience

Virtual & In Person Registrations Available

Applying Neuroscience Today



Sofitel Brisbane,
249 Turbot Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Thursday 27: Pre Conference Workshop
8-8:30am : Registration
8:30am – 5pm : Workshop
5pm – 6pm : Registration for conference

Friday 28
8-8.30 am – 5 pm : AGM and social event

Saturday 29
8-8.30 am to 4 pm : Close of conference

Up to 21 Continuing Professional Development Points

  • 12 speakers, covering a wide range of applied neuroscience topics
  • Panel Discussion– Applied Neuroscience Techniques to Cope with Adversity
  • Peer-to-peer networking and forum
  • 3 conference streams (Psychotherapy,
    Organisational and Educational)
  • IAAN Annual General Meeting & Social Event
  • 21 Continuing Professional Development Points

Keynote Speakers

Baroness Susan Greenfield

Neuroscientist, Author &
Broadcaster Oxford

Prof Nicholas Talley

Gastroenterologist, epidemiologist, researcher, and clinical educator.

Dr John Arden

Psychologist & Author
27th October 2022 Baroness Susan Greenfield Pre-Conference Full Day Workshop

28 – 29 October – 3 Keynotes and 90-minute Workshops featuring:

  • Prof Dirk Geldenhuys & Jenny Venter (SA) – Imbedding safety in an organisational culture: A BrainFit Journey.
  • Jan Sky (Aus) – Brain Potential, leadership powered by neuroscience.
  • Louise MacKenzie (NZ) – Complex Trauma and Neuropsychotherapy: Intuitively intertwining these using creative therapies as an intervention.
  • Joseph Riordan (Aus) – The neuroscience of trauma and attachment.
  • Mary Bowles (USA) – Applied Memory Reconsolidation through the Classical Conditioning of Emotions.
  • Nigel Denning (Aus) – Psychedelic medicine is a rapidly developing new paradigm in mental health management.
  • Richard Hill & Matthew Dahlitz (Aus) – Client-responsiveness, Curiosity, and Sensitive Observation: 3 key elements in the application of science to therapeutic practice.
  • Jean Annan (NZ) – 7 Dimensions of Children’s Emotional Well-being: Application in the educational environment.
  • Fiona Stevens (Aus) – “Into the lion’s den – why Managers avoid addressing bullying complaints”.
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Jared Cooney Horvath –
Turning Science into Strategies

Saturday 27 August 2022 10.00 am AEST
Saturday 27 August 2022 12.00 pm NZST
Friday 26 August 2022 5.00 pm PDT
Jared Cooney Horvath (PhD, MEd) is a neuroscientist, educator, and author of the best-selling book Stop Talking, Start Influencing: 12 Insights from Brain Science to Make Your Message Stick. He has conducted research and lectured at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, the University of Melbourne, and over 450 schools internationally. He currently serves as Director of LME Global: a team dedicated to bringing the latest brain and behavioral research to teachers, students, and parents alike.

Turning Science into Strategies
Despite decades of effort trying to marry scientific insights with real-world practice, very little (if anything) has changed in fields ranging from education to business. During this compelling and interactive session, we will explore why laboratory research rarely impacts professional practice, consider what is required in order to translate research for the real-world, and dive deeply into several concrete examples of this process in action within the field of education.

Learning Outcomes
– Describe the process of emergence and why this impedes translation
– Explain how written text and spoken words interact within the brain and what impact this has on learning
– Describe the key to deep, durable memories and how this might be meaningful across varied fields
– Explain the mechanisms behind the single worst thing human beings can do for learning and memory