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The Neuroscience Academy

The Neuroscience Academy is an online professional-development program that brings applied neuroscience and brain health to a global audience. Created for coaches, therapists, and mental health and wellbeing practitioners. Students work towards a certificate in ‘Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health’ equivalent to 27 hours of training. 


That’s me!  I’m neuroscientist Dr Sarah McKay.

I’ve distilled 25 years of education, research and teaching neuroscience into creating this program.

My superpower is to make neuroscience simple, actionable, and relevant to your everyday life, and to provide coaches, therapists and health professionals with evidence-based tools and strategies to do the same in their work.

I believe too often neuroscience research is hidden behind the pay-wall of academic journals, discussed at scientific meetings for other scientists, or presented in a way that is irrelevant to our daily lives.

Or the opposite is true — people with no training in brain science, or minimal understanding of the complexities of research are jumping on the neuroscience bandwagon as ‘brain gurus’ and marketing the latest product, program, or magic-bullet solution usually based on inaccurate, outdated or even mythical neuroscience.

The Neuroscience Academy is designed to change all that and make brain science and research findings up-to-date and accurate, simple and practical for coaches, teachers, mental health and wellbeing professionals.

I hold three degrees in neuroscience including a MSc and PhD in Neuroscience from Oxford University. After five years in academia, I founded the science communications business (Think Brain) in 2008. In my spare time, I present the ABC science TV show Catalyst, write a popular neuroscience blog, speak (including at TEDx events) and in 2018 published a popular science book on women’s brain health.

Benefits of The Neuroscience Academy include:
  • Lifetime membership access and ongoing support + training.
  • The Neuroscience Academy certificate of completion in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health, and 27 hours CPD equivalent.*
  • Receive step-by-step training on how to apply neuroscience-based strategies to transform the lives of clients, patients or students.
  • Learn simple scripts to explain the mind and brain.
  • Stop feeling ‘not-expert-enough’ to talk about the brain with health and wellness professionals.
  • Unique insights into brain plasticity, emotion, attention, habits, resilience, and motivation.
  • Consider how the latest findings on stress, neuroplasticity, the gut microbiome, mindfulness, and ageing support your current practice.
  • *Scholar access only; not available to self-study students.